How to Use a Candle Burner?

Coming into a house with a bad smell is unpleasant. Many of us are afraid of the smell our interior gives off when a guest arrives unexpectedly. There is a simple solution to make sure your home always smells good: the candle burner is what you need!

A candle burner (or perfume burner) is an interior accessory used to perfume your home. The aim is to create a warm atmosphere with a light, natural and pleasant smell. A burner is very simple to use and is an infinitely reusable accessory.

How to Use a Candle Burner?

The candle burners composed of two parts, a hollow shape on the top (to put a content) and the lower part used to lock in the heat and be able to diffuse it.

  • To do this, you must first choose scented fondants adapted to your burner, that is to say put only one if it is large or several if they are small fondants.
  • The fondants are placed in the upper part of the burner, you simply have to place them on it. Regarding the lower part, you must then place a tealight candle inside the incense burner and light it.
  • Under the effect of heat, the wax in scented fondants will gradually melt and diffuse its fragrance until it becomes completely liquid.
  • Each scented fondant diffuses its fragrance between 4 am and 8 am. If the smell is not strong enough, you can put, once the fondant has become liquid, a few drops of fragrance or essential oils on it. However, fragrances or oils should be used cautiously, only 2 or 3 drops are enough. The smell can quickly become overwhelming if you use too much.
  • When the candle (the tealight) is extinguished it no longer diffuses perfume, the wax is therefore cooled and it does not evaporate and will solidify into a block.

So you can reuse the scented fondant several times . To do this, simply change the tealight candle (if it is completely melted or when the wick has completely burned out) and light a new one. The fondant wax will again liquefy and diffuse the fragrance. You can reuse the fondant until it no longer emits an odor.

How to Change the Wax Roller?

If you want to change the wax square to use a new one, it’s very simple! First, make sure the warmer is turned off and the wax has completely cooled.

After use, the wax from the pebble will have become liquid with the heat and on cooling thereafter it will give a single uniform block of wax. Once it has hardened, you can remove it all at once using the tip of a knife, for example. You go around your fondant, peeling off all sides little by little. Once the wax is removed, you can clean the top of the burner with a soft cloth.

The fragrance diffuser meanwhile, once cleaned with a cloth does not need any particular maintenance. Just dust it off before use if it hasn’t been used for a long time.

Why Choose a Scent/Candle Burner Rather Than a Scented Candle?

Scented candles are certainly very pleasant, but burn out quickly (20 to 30 hours of melting). While your candle burner will have endless use, it’s a great investment for candle fans. In addition, scented fondants can also be used many times, so you save combustion time.


Why wait any longer to start using the candle burner? Discover the delicious fragrance emanating from the scented fondants for burner. This will give you immense olfactory and visual pleasure. When in doubt on how to use a candle burner, the article acts as a guide on how to do it.



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